I am Hitomi Itou. (私は 「いとう ひとみ」。)

I have a photo, but feel little shy. (写真あるけど、あまり見ないで)

Following are my self-introductions.  (自己紹介をさせてネ。)

I like painting, computer game, riding on one-wheel bicycle and 
writing funnies. I like to be cartoonist in future.
(私のすきなもの: お絵描き、ファミコン、一輪車、マンガを書く、

I don't like practice for piano, and taking care of my 
younger sister. 

(嫌いなもの: ピアノの稽古、妹の面倒をみること)

I like following dish. Spaghetti with meat sauce, curry and rice, 
soft ice cream and sushi. 

(好きな食べ物: ミートスパゲテイ、カレーライス、ソフトクリーム、

I dislike a pickled scallion, my parennts also dislike it, 
and spring onion.

(嫌いな食べ物: 親ゆずりのらっきょ、ねぎ。   ワハハ。)

I love to make frends any where, any when.
Since I was born, I am a big kid.
So evryone think I have a firm character.
But in reality I am just a wheedlling child.

(いつでも、どこでもお友達をつくのがすき。 小さい時からおしゃまで、
  どこにいてもしっかりものにみられるけど、 本当はあまえん坊なのだ。)

I was born in 1987.     (私は昭和62年生まれ。今、小学校2年生)