Hello, I am Hitomi Yoshida. (「吉田 瞳」(よしだ ひとみ)です。)

Following are my self-introductions, 
but it was typed by my mother.  
(自己紹介です。) *注* タイプインはお母さんがしたでしょう。

I was born in 1989, live in Mitaka city near Tokyo.

I like creating a picture book. 
I write the story, paint the characters bymyself. 
And I am speed writer. 

Now I am exciting to enter elementary school this April, 
because I can wear short pants named "bu-ru-ma". 


I love To-ko-ya-ki, common first food in Japan.  


保護者:吉田 正(父) よしみ(母) 
MAIL : tadix@ca2,so-net.or.jp    RXT01267@niftyserve.or.jp

Following is my self-portrait. (自画像です。)